New Student Registration

Registrations utilize an online system. The enrolling adult must complete the online registration and upload ALL required documents (listed below) in order to schedule an enrollment appointment. Once you have uploaded your documents into the online portal, please contact Lisa Squier ( or 770-578-7903 ext. 069) to let her know you have completed the registration process. Once all documents have been reviewed you will be contacted to set up an enrollment appointment. 

ENROLLMENT PRESENTATION: Detailed information about procedures and required documents.

*Please note: The adult who completes and signs the online documents will become the 'enrolling adult' for your student and is considered the primary contact for school communications. This person must attend the enrollment appointment.*

In order to attend Pope High School, you must live within the Pope Attendance Zone or have received an approved transfer through CCSD. 

REGISTER YOUR STUDENT ONLINE HERE. If you currently have a student in Cobb County Schools, you must complete your registration through your ParentVue account.

The following documents are required of all students prior to being enrolled in the Cobb County School District:

  1. Two Proofs of Residency (must reflect enrolling adult's name and current address):                 One must be either current, not expired, signed lease or mortgage document (dated within 1 month) and one must be a current utility bill (dated within 1 month)
  2. Proof of birth (birth certificate, passport, etc.)
  3. Social Security Card or a signed waiver/statement of objection (Form JBC-4)
  4. Certificate of Immunization (Georgia Form 3231) or if you choose to not vaccinate your student, you must provide a notarized Affidavit of Religious Objection to Immunization (GA DPH Form 2208/Form JGC-4)
  5. Certificate of Vision, Hearing, Dental and Nutritional Screening (Georgia Form 3300)
  6. Withdrawal Form from previous school (required after the semester is completed if enrolling in the spring)
  7. Discipline Report or completed 'Disclosure Required for Conditional Admission Form'
  8. Transcript of classes from previous school. If you do not have a transcript, please provide a report card or some other document to verify current course enrollment. Placement into classes will be contingent upon receipt of appropriate official documentation.
  9. Rising 9th Grade Families: Please complete 'Core/Elective Registration Form' (Page 1 should be provided to your student's current 8th grade teachers to provide core class recommendations. Page 2 is to be completed by the student/family.) Other Grade Levels: Please have your current core teachers complete 'Rising 10th - 12th Core Courses Form' and student/family to complete appropriate elective choice form: 'Rising 10th Grade Elective Form' or 'Rising 11th and 12th Grade Elective Form'. Students must choose 5 electives numbering them 1-5 with #1 being the one they want the most.

If any of the situations listed below pertain to your student, additional documents are required. 

If natural parent or guardian does not have bills in his/her name (living with another family):

  • Parent/Guardian plus adult with proof of residency in his/her name, must complete 'Statement of Legal Residence Form'
  • Parent/Guardian must complete 'Student Residency Statement'
  • Adult with proof of residency in his/her name must be present to enroll
  • Provide 2 proofs of residency (must reflect adult's name and current address - required documents noted above)
  • Student's parent/guardian must be present to enroll
  • All parties must provide ID

If student does not live with natural parent or guardian:

  • Adult with whom the student lives must be present to enroll
  • All parties must provide ID
  • Enrolling adult must complete 'Kinship Caregiver Form'