Online Classes

Under approved circumstances, students may take one funded online class during 1st or 7th period. Students are responsible for transportation and cannot remain on campus during their scheduled online class. Please be aware that 6th period lunch is not guaranteed with a 7th period online class. Contracts will be available in the counseling office each spring during the registration window. Please refer to the Pope Registration Page for annual deadlines. Completed contracts will be returned to the counseling office for approval. 

Students are able to take online classes at Cobb Virtual Academy. If a class is not offered with CVA, it may be taken with Georgia Virtual School. Students are responsible for registering themselves for their approved class. 

Tuition classes (paid for by the family and taken outside of the school day or in the summer) can also be completed with Cobb Virtual Academy or Georgia Virtual School. With the exception of Personal Fitness & Health, students need to communicate with their counselor about what class they are planning to take prior to registration.